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Yoodee changes the way customers and businesses interact. Let’s face it, the online review and recommendation system has gone horribly wrong.

Fake reviews and star ratings are no longer fit for purpose. They’re unfair on you and customers have completely lost trust.

Yoodee fixes the problem. It’s personal. On our app, customers decide what’s best and everybody benefits.

On Yoodee, you’ll get private, constructive feedback from new and loyal customers, so you can up your game, keep them happy and grow your business. They’ll be pleased you listened – and are happy to recommend you. Which means a whole bunch of new customers through your doors.

It works just as well if you’re on the high street or online, selling products, trades or services.

Did you know?

Online sleuth Fakespot recently revealed nearly

a third

of all online reviews are false.

Benefits for
your business

Fight back against fake reviews and star ratings.

Recommendations from trusted networks of friends, families and Yoodee Creators.

Constructive, private and direct feedback from customers.

Find out how to up your game and win new business.

Gain more recommendations from your customers by ordering a Merchant Pack.

Win over
more customers

With a free Business Profile on Yoodee, you can reach more customers in three easy steps.

1. Claim

Claim your business on Yoodee and we’ll let you know when a customer has some feedback they’d like to share with you.

2. Personalise

Get discovered by more customers by sharing schedules, images, useful info and pictures.

3. Engage

Engage with your customers on Yoodee by responding to their recommendations and direct feedback.

Did you know?

Amazon blocked a staggering

220 million

fake reviews in 2021.