What is

On Yoodee, you decide what’s best. It’s the app where you share trusted recommendations with friends, family and the Yoodee Creators you choose to follow. It’s quick and easy to use.

Calling out

We’re on a mission to end fake reviews and ratings by only sharing the best of the best, with your besties.

Plus, you can help out businesses with direct, private feedback. On Yoodee, everybody benefits.

Keeping it real

Having Yoodee on your phone is like having your besties with you all the time, recommending the best shops, cafés, restaurants, tradespeople, you name it.

Not only that, you can also get in touch with businesses privately to let them know if there are tweaks they can make to improve things. Want your local café to serve more alt-milks? Let them know!

We don't rate ratings

You won’t see stars and reviews on Yoodee. Enter your search criteria and only the best suggestions come up, all recommendations from a network of people you know and trust.

It’s as simple as that.

How Yoodee helps business

Happy customers keep going back. Really happy customers tell their friends and family all about a business. And they can do that on Yoodee – the app where people share the best with their besties.

Customers can also reach businesses directly and give private, constructive feedback, so that businesses can up their game and boost customer satisfaction even more. It’s a great way to develop those positive one-to-one relationships.